Get access to a car without the headache – Zipcar

I don’t drive my car often so schemes like easycarclub and ZipCar appeal to me. No insurance, maintenance or other overheads.

If you need access to a car, but don’t want the headache of running and maintaining a car, this deal that is running Groupon at the mo may appeal. It’s offering a year’s membership to Zipcar, with up to 60% off.

Available for the next day (so hurry up) for just £38.00, customers will get one year’s membership plus £35 of driving credit, a total saving of £56.50. Alternatively, customers can buy a one year membership plus £55 of driving credit for £49.00, saving £65.50.

Zipcar offers drivers all the convenience of car ownership without the hassle of insurance and other expensive obligations. Members can make bookings from home using the website or while out and about, using the mobile app for iPhone or Android. Both cars and vans are available, so whether doing a weekly shop or going on a day trip, motorists can get behind the wheel of a vehicle that meets their requirements.

How does it work

  • Register online to join and receive a Zipcard
  • Reserve your vehicle of choice online or using the app
  • Collect the vehicle from a designated parking location using a Zipcard or the mobile app
  • Fill-up for free using the vehicle’s fuel card
  • Return the vehicle to its original location

See here for further details on how to use Zipcar and car locations.

The Groupon deal has the following options:

  • £38 for a year’s membership plus £35 of driving credit (60% off)
  • £49 for a year’s membership plus £55 of driving credit (57% off)

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