Confusing Tesco fruit and veg prices

Today I did a mega shop at Tesco. I saved an amazing 10 p on my branded shop – I mean eh? Why did they give me a piece of paper to tell me I saved 10 p compared to if I went to Sainsbury’s?

Anyway, the branded shop saving paper is silly, but what annoyed me today and annoys me regularly is fruit and veg pricing.

Here’s an example from today:

£1.95 per kg golden delicious loose apples (88p per lb)


£1.75 for a five pack of golden delicious apples, so 35 p each but no kg or lb price.

Now, I bought four loose golden delicious apples for £1.19, so that’s 30p each, but had to use the scales to work this out.

I know that loose is often cheaper, but why did I have to do the maths? Why couldn’t Tesco have all the prices up in the formats that we can compare prices properly?

Even the guy on the checkout said that most people don’t know how to use the scales, so most won’t realise that the £1.75 or £1 bag of fruit or veg isn’t a bargain.




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