Tips for saving with coupons and vouchers

Subway coupons

I am a couponer I must admit. Not an extreme one though. You know the types that can get their shopping for £5 a week and have stacks of stuff that they didn’t really want just because it was free or cost next to nothing – that is too much effort for me.

I do however save coupons, look out for them in the post and in magazines, readily accept them when handed out around town and have no problem rummaging in my bag to save 20p off an item, get a bogof or some free loyalty points on a purchase.

Invariably I have some coupons floating around in my bag or purse at all times. I do cull them and remove the out of date ones. I also stick ones that are not really that useful for me (at that moment) safely to my fridge in a coupon magnet, and if I feel the need to purchase something new or try a new experience, I will check my stash.

To avoid the tuts from fellow shoppers at checkout, while I’m waiting my turn in line, I fish out my coupons ready to give to the cashier.

For online shopping, I’ve tried the online voucher sites and sometimes get free delivery or a percentage off my purchase, but often the offers are out of date, which is extremely frustrating. However, before checking out at an online retailer, I will always search for online vouchers. I am the queen of online search, so if there’s a discount to be had, I’ll find it.

The easiest way to get coupons is to sign up for a loyalty card and retailer emails. I can’t be doing with writing lots of letters saying how wonderful a product is or my love for a brand to get coupons. I get regular money off vouchers from Boots, Tesco, BHS, Gap and Monsoon, either in the form of a coupon or code to use online. Most come in the post or via email.

If the influx of discount codes (many of them irrelevant) is too much for your email, set up a dedicated offers email address, so that you can get all the codes in there.

Some coupons are really no use to me and if I don’t think I can spend them, I share them. We received some Subway vouchers today (through the letter box) and they’ll be shared around the office tomorrow. Or if no one you know wants them, did you know that people sell their coupons/vouchers on eBay? I recently sold 20% off Clarks Shoes coupons and got a few quid for them, which makes both me and the recipient happy. If you love M&S and shop there regularly, check out eBay for money off vouchers or even gift vouchers selling at less than face value, there always seem to be some floating around.

I find that retailers’ own magazines offer coupons too and some such as Tesco Magazine can be accessed online and coupons printed from the comfort of your home – you don’t even need to read the magazine, just search for words like “coupon”. I like coupon/voucher booklets too. I don’t think the Invitation Books are around anymore, but they always gave money off eating out, cinema trips and more.


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