Six money saving hacks for your uni going student

With the new university term here already, we’ve compiled a quick and easy list of six money saving hacks to help a student loan stretch further.

  1. Going out

There are lots of discount cards and vouchers out there, so going out doesn’t need to break the bank. Make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your going out buck by signing up to any discounts early and tacking advantage of extra savings on student nights.

  1. Shopping

Plan ahead and keep shopping trips to a minimum to prevent the cost of groceries skyrocketing. Writing shopping lists can save £100s over a term giving you more money to enjoy yourself, with reward cards providing access to extra discounts. As with the first point, take advantage of store vouchers and discounts, NUS extra cardholder can save 10% at the Co-op.

  1. Travel

While there’s plenty to do at the start of term, some of the best nights out can be had visiting friends in other towns and cities. Get your 16-25 Railcard early to cash in on savings and avoid missing out to get a third off rail travel. On average 16-25 Railcard holders save £187 per year. 16-25 Railcard costs £30 for a full year, or £70 for three years and can be purchased from NUS extra cardholders can save 12% on the cost of the 16-25 Railcard

  1. Books

The cost of course books and supplies can quickly rack up. Avoid expensive last minute purchases by ordering online early and taking advantage of second-hand or nearly new offers. But make sure you check the edition. Likewise, you can make money on last term’s materials by selling them on to those taking the same course this year.

  1. Bills

Getting a handle on weekly / monthly outgoings helps take the stress out of budgeting. Work out what your average bills are in a typical month, taking into account seasonal changes and with a little extra built in. This will help you understand what you have to spend and avoid unnecessary anxiety. Use apps like Splittable or Billhub to ensure that you aren’t paying more than your fare share.

  1. Don’t suffer in silence

If you do find that you’re struggling financially contact your university student support service who can provide practical advice and in some cases access to grants to help you keep on studying.

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