No pizza delivery saves us £600

Earlier this year, I booked us a nice holiday, but it was definitely over budget, so I have looked at ways to save us money. This year so far we have saved £600 on not getting pizza delivered once a week.

In 2013, every week without fail, we would order a Pizza Hut delivery. We are a family of four and it would usually cost a minimum of £20. It was a scrumy treat and the only food we ever have delivered.

I wondered if we could get away with no delivery pizza and we have – quite easily. We’ve had a couple deliveries but it hasn’t become a habit like it was before. The easiest thing is that when we need pizza, we just head to the freezer.

Now I’m not a pizza aficionado, but over the year we’ve tried a few and the winners for us have to be Dr Oetker’s pizzas – the thin crust versions are yum. I tend to get them on offer. For fresh pizzas, Asda charges £3.70 for a large pizza that is made using the toppings and sauce that you choose.

Anyway, what weekly treat can you give up or swap to save money?

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