Organic, natural and eco-friendly toothbrushes review

Did you know that you can get organic toothbrushes? Why are organic toothbrushes and hygienic products so important for our oral hygiene? 


The statistics tell us that the world consumes more than 3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes every year and The Humble Co. which is based in Sweden has found a great alternative and these brushes can be recycled!


We know that toothbrushes are essential for us and for use every single day, they help us keep our teeth clean and that also prevents us from gum diseases. 


But some people don’t brush their teeth for several days or properly and that can lead to a really bad case of gum disease and nobody wants that. A toothbrush is a tool that every dentist will recommend you to use every day and this tool alone protects your teeth from bacteria that can damage them.


So how can we choose the right organic toothbrush products? My tip would be to use one of The Humble Co. toothbrushes! 


They cost about £3.99, but it’s a better option than a new set of teeth because if you want an implant that would round up to £3,500 and that price alone tells you that it’s really important to keep your teeth in a good condition.


These toothbrushes are organic, natural and eco-friendly, they are also made with 100% biodegradable wooden bamboo handles and a BPA-free nylon bristle.


If you also like to choose a certain colour for your toothbrush this Humble Brush comes in a range of colours with different bristle options and for adults, of course, you can choose between soft and medium.


I had a chance to try these out and they are great! 


The soft bristles in this toothbrush can gently remove the excess plaque from your teeth and you won’t have any issues like gum disease or bad breath when it comes to this product.


Besides this fantastic toothbrush, you can also try out the interdental sticks these are the humble brush’s little brothers which take care of everything that the toothbrush can’t.


The BPA-free bristles on the interdental brush gently capture and remove the nasties hiding between your teeth. And you can find it for the price of £2.99.

Also, to finish up your daily routine when it comes to cleaning your teeth you would also have to get the refreshingly flavoured minty dental floss which was designed to help out with the leftovers that you couldn’t remove with the toothbrush and interdental sticks. The price for this minty floss is about £3.59.



So I would have to say that not all products like toothbrushes, floss or interdental sticks are equal and definitely Humble co-products are a great choice to purchase as you can also keep the world clean by using an environmentally friendly toothbrush and help reduce plastic waste! 

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