18 simple Life Tips to save money and make life easier

One of my favourite Twitter feeds at the moment is @lifetipseasy. I love the practical and really simple tips and quite a few of them are about saving money or using alternative (cheaper) products to fix a problem, and some are even just simply genius. 

Here are my favourite tips at the moment from the feed:

1. Measure one of your fingers and memorise the length – now you have an instant ruler.

2. Reduce nail polish clumping by running the polish bottle under hot water for 40-50 seconds. 

3. Take a picture of your fridge on your phone, you’ll never struggle to remember what you need to buy at the grocery store! 

4. Apples are more powerful than caffeine at helping you stay awake.

5. Want whiter teeth? Gently rub the inside of a banana peel around your teeth for two minutes. The minerals will absorb in and whiten them!

6. When searching for plane tickets online, don’t forget to delete your cookies. Prices go up if you visit a site multiple times.

7. Double your phone’s battery life by turning down your brightness, deleting your app history, and turn off your Wi-Fi when you don’t need it.

8. If you put glow in the dark paint on your phone charger, you will never fumble in the dark again.

9. Toothpaste removes ink from your clothes. Apply it to the stain, let it dry and then wash.

10. Car with no cup holders? Use a roll of duct tape to anchor down your drink.

11. If you’re always hungry, you’re probably dehydrated.

12. Go 24 hours without complaining; then watch how your life starts to change.

13. Airline tickets are typically cheaper in the middle of the night. They’re also cheaper if you use your browser’s incognito mode.

14. Showering with cooler water can stop a dandruff problem.

15. Call any pizza place and ask if they have any orders that people didn’t pick up. They will let you have them at a discount price.

16. When deciding to throw away clothes, ask yourself, if you were at a store would you buy it again?

17. Lemon juice with a pinch of salt (warm) every morning lowers cholesterol levels and brings down your weight.

18. Want your clothes to dry faster in the dryer? Throw in a clean towel—it’ll absorb extra water.

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