HSBC launches 2016 student account with £3K interest-free overdraft

HSBC today launched its 2016 student account, offering an interest-free overdraft of up to £3,000 as well as a £60 Gift Card plus a year of Amazon Prime benefits, and what’s more, a range of exclusive offers and discounts across top brands.

The new HSBC Student Bank Account is available from 22nd in branches and online and includes:

  • Up to £3,000 interest-free overdraft with no fees (subject to status and account conduct)
  • £60  Gift Card
  • A year of Amazon Prime benefits
  • Optional student credit card with a limit of £500 (APR 18.9%)
  • Credit interest paid on balances up to £1,000 in the first year of study
  • HSBC Mobile Banking app, including Paym
  • Contactless debit card and access to Apple Pay and Android Pay
  • Text alerts: customers set their own limits and we’ll text them when they’re nearing them
  • Access to exclusive offers and discounts available on our Student Exclusives website, featuring offers from National Express, Apple, 3 Mobile and Lonely Planet

Nuna Syeda, head of current accounts, HSBC:
“Students have numerous obstacles to overcome during their time at university, especially when it is likely to be their first time living away from home. There will be many demands on their time, both academic and social that need to be taken into account, and these will no doubt have financial implications, while also ensuring university life is enjoyed and students make the most of their experience.

“There is a lot to juggle, and while freshers may feel the pressure to be outgoing, cool, and to make new friends, it is equally important to be safe in the knowledge that their finances are under control and can overcome the what uni life throws at them. They may need to make use of an overdraft, they may need a text book the following day, or they may wish to relax in front of their favourite box set to unwind. The HSBC Student Bank Account will allow them to do all that and more, helping them feel no fresher pressure.”

For more information, and to apply online (from 22nd July) please visit HSBC’s website.

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