BerryClever community helps parents to cut costs

This is a bit different for me, but I liked the idea of it and decided to write about BerryClever – a social shopping site for new and expecting parents which aims to make online shopping more fun and interactive by giving parents the power to discover and choose products by reading and sharing honest advice from the people they can trust the most, their friends. 
Here is an interview with the guys behind the venture Emma Kafton and Kristi Flax.

How does it work?

BerryClever has created a unique online environment, which allows you to connect with existing friends and new like-minded ones to discover the products they love, regret or simply can’t live without. You simply log onto the site to browse and discover new products, and read other parents’ reviews. BerryClever’s reviews, known as ‘tips’, are no longer than 150 characters making them quick to write and read on mobile devices and ideal for busy mums on the go. There are also lots of great lists complied by other parents that you can browse, these will give you ideas on the best products for dealing with certain issues such as teething, colds, or just to prepare you for different stages in your baby’s life like bathing, crawling, feeding, sleeping.

Could I save money by using Berryclever?

Yes, we really hope that by helping people make informed decisions about what to buy, they won’t waste money on products they don’t need or like. Parents love to share their thoughts and tips to help others and finding out what products they think were invaluable and which ones were a waste of money can save you a fortune. Research shows that parents usually spend about £3,000 in the first year of a baby’s life! You definitely don’t want to waste any money on unnecessary products or products that don’t work. BerryClever also has a ‘demand a lower price’ feature to help parents save money, especially on expensive items like buggies and car seats. If a lower price can be found, the user will be sent an email within 48 hours confirming an offer which they can choose to either accept or decline.

What are your top money saving tips for parents?

1) Always do your research. Before making an important purchase always ask around people you trust like close friends and family and use sites like where you can read more reviews of the products they have recommended.
2) Always look for the best price using price comparison websites or why not try and get a lower price using BerryClever’s ‘Demand a Lower price’ feature.
3) Don’t get carried away. Think about your lifestyle and the things you will actually need. Are you going to breast or bottle feed, will you be travelling a lot by car or using public transport? This thought process will help dictate the types of products you buy and you won’t waste money on products that don’t fit with your lifestyle.

What are the benefits of using BerryClever?

We want to help people make the right decision about what to buy, and also give them new ideas for making life easier! There are so many baby products out there, so BerryClever is a great way of wading through all of the products and finding what’s right for you.

What  inspired you to launch BerryClever?

Kristi and I both experienced that sense of being overwhelmed as expectant mums when it came to buying baby products. We both leant on our friends and families for advice, who all gave us a shopping list of things they had used. This was where the idea for BerryClever was formed. We wanted a place where parents could go to get trusted advice about baby products from people they know. When we researched what our audience wanted, we discovered that 86% of new mums leant on their friends and family first when considering what to buy for their children. We also found that 86% of mums preferred to read reviews from people they know and trust.

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