Make money from your parking space and get a free electric car charging point

When I lived in London, I had a drive and no car. The drive was used when friends popped round as there was restricted parking on the road.

We were right next to the tube. We have since moved and live in a busy town centre – about five minutes walk from the shops. The parking prices in both places are extortionate. Anyway, my nephew rents out his garage in London and makes a pretty packet every month, so I thought I’d investigate renting out my drive.

Lo and behold, there are companies that can help you make money from your parking spaces and manage the rental of your free parking spaces, so if you have an empty drive, allotted parking space or garage at your home or business, you can make money out of it. I use They help me make money from my parking space by advertising my space on their website, taking the booking and collecting the money. Of course, they take a booking fee, but I have made over three hundred pounds this year so far by renting out my parking space, so I am not complaining.

Basically, it’s just like letting a friend park on your drive, so you can switch the service on and off easily. They allow immediate booking so if your space is free, someone can just book it online and you get a text and email to update you, so that you know what car to look out for. The person parking has to give a license number, description of the car and pay Parkatmyhouse up front. We use this service, where we live now and the guys who moved into our London house after us still use the company.

An added bonus is that if you rent out your parking space through ParkatmyHouse, they currently have a scheme on and will install an electric vehicle charger for free or next to nothing. You can either have the free version, or chose to pay £75 as it is a higher capacity point, so can charge quicker! We got one installed, see the pic, and it means that the space is also attractive to electric vehicle drivers. The person parking pays a premium if they charge the car, of course.


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  • alexstephany

    November 11, 2013 at 4:17 pm
    Or you can sign up for a free charging point through our lovely new website A collaboration between Chargemaster and ParkatmyHouse!

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