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Just heard from Anthony at ParkatmyHouse about a new service called ChargeatmyHouse. ParkatmyHouse (the company that manages the rental of my drive and provided me with a free electric car charging point) has formed a new partnership with the UK Government and as a result of this partnership, they have over 100 electric vehicle charging points to give away for free (worth £1,500 each).

But I don’t have an electric car. Why would I want a charge point?

1.   It’s worth over £1,500 and can add value to your home (installation is also completely free).

2.  There are over 20 new “plug in” models being launched over the next 12 months from manufacturers such as BMW, Renault, VW, Toyota, Volvo, Ford and Mercedes.  Charge more to electric car owners to park and charge on your space, turning a profit on the tiny cost of electricity.

3.  Do your bit for a more sustainable society by helping your city lead the way in electric mobility.

We’ve got one already (see above), and the units are small and attractive. They are manufactured by Chargemaster Plc, Europe’s leading manufacturers of charge points.

Hang on. What’s the catch?

There is no catch. They’re able to offer these charge points thanks to a generous government funded initiative to help the UK become a greener and more sustainable country.

If you would like to find out more about getting a free charge point, simply visit and enter your details. A representative from Chargemaster will then be in touch to answer all your questions and check your home’s eligibility.

You can also visit and chat live to one of their community managers who will happily answer any questions you have.


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  • Furbian Senior

    January 26, 2014 at 7:31 pm
    Total rubbish, it's a waste of time. They sent a the chap said he'd need to bring a colleague to move furniture, it was a sideboard that I could move myself. When outside he saw our external power point and said that was illegal. Rounded off with, "We'll book a two man appointment for next week." Then I had a phone call about an hour later, they declared my meter box too old, even though all the fuses are modern trip switched and the meter is only a few years old, and also said I needed an external power point before they could do anything. I worked out that it's just a sham and didn't bother arguing that I already have an external power point, but their installation man declared it illegal. They also didn't bother stating what sort of meter modification I needed, just that I need to get it done, another way of saying just go away we're not interested. Maybe they make money from the government for so-called 'installation visits', or rather 'consultation', made by their 'consultants' off-course?
  • Mrs Bargain Hunter

    January 26, 2014 at 9:59 pm
    Wow Furbian, really sorry to hear that the service didn't work for you. The guys came twice when they fit our charger too. They checked out the electrics and where we wanted to put it. We live in a 1930s house but it's been completely rewired and the experience was smooth for us. I have no idea of their business model and how they make money. I hope there is another way to get a charging post for you.
  • ParkatmyHouse

    January 30, 2014 at 4:15 pm
    Hi Furbian I'm very sorry to hear that. We have installed over 400 charge points for very happy customers and am disappointed that we did not meet your expectations here. For your information, no party is paid on site visits. Could you please send your contact details to with the message above and we'll look into this ASAP? Customer support team

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