DIY home decor on a budget

Are you looking to give your home a fresh new look without burning a hole in your pocket?

As a DIY enthusiast, I’ve embarked on various home decor projects that have not only added charm to my living space but have also been budget-friendly.

In this article, I’ll share seven DIY home decor ideas to inspire your own home transformation.



  1. Upcycled furniture:

One of my favorite budget-friendly home decor projects is upcycling furniture. Take that neglected piece of furniture from your attic or a thrift shop find and give it a makeover.

I stumbled upon an old wooden coffee table at a local flea market. With some sandpaper and a fresh coat of chalk paint in a trendy shade, I turned it into a chic centerpiece for my living room.

  1. Thrift store treasures:

Thrifting is an excellent way to discover unique decor items that won’t break the bank. You’ll be amazed at the gems you can find.

During one of my thrift store adventures, I found a beautiful vintage mirror with intricate details. A quick cleaning and a coat of gold spray paint transformed it into an elegant focal point in my hallway.

  1. Personalized wall art:

Adding a personal touch to your home decor can be incredibly satisfying. Consider creating your own wall art using various mediums.

I decided to celebrate my love for travel by creating a large canvas map art piece. I marked the cities I’ve visited and framed it. Now, it’s a conversation starter in my living room.

  1. Homemade cushion covers:

Updating your cushions with homemade covers is a simple and cost-effective way to refresh your living space.

Armed with a sewing machine and some vibrant fabric, I sewed custom cushion covers for my sofa. The mix of patterns and colors breathed new life into my living room.

  1. Indoor Plant Paradise:

Bringing the outdoors inside with indoor plants is a trend that’s both stylish and budget-friendly.

I decided to create a lush indoor plant display in my bedroom. By purchasing budget-friendly plants like snake plants and spider plants, and placing them in decorative pots, I achieved a serene oasis.

  1. Custom Shelving:

Building your own custom shelves can be surprisingly easy and cost-effective. It allows you to tailor the design to your needs.

I needed more storage space in my kitchen, so I crafted wooden floating shelves. They not only provided extra storage but also added a rustic touch to the room.

  1. DIY Lighting:

Custom lighting fixtures can completely transform the atmosphere of a room.

I wanted unique lighting in my dining area, so I repurposed old mason jars into pendant lights. They emit a warm, cozy glow, perfect for intimate dinners.


DIY home decor on a budget is not only about saving money but also about infusing your personality into your living space. These seven DIY ideas, based on my own experiences, have allowed me to create a home that’s uniquely mine without breaking the bank.

So, roll up your sleeves, unleash your creativity, and embark on your own budget-friendly home makeover journey. Your dream home is just a DIY project away!

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