NuFACE Mini – cheaper than Caci and you can do it at home

With beauty salons still close, there are probably a lot of ladies and gents just like me who are thinking how can we make sure that when the lockdown is over, we don’t look too bad.

I have been looking at Caci for a while as I’ve heard that it’s the facial treatment of choice in Hollywood without having any needles or surgery. It basically uses microcurrents to give your face a workout.

I investigated the pricing and it looked like about £300 and then with that you would need to go a couple of times a week for a few weeks to get the face started and then you do need maintenance which could be from £35 a month depending on many areas do you want to be treated.

With no beauty salons open at the moment I thought I would see if there was anything that could be done at home. That’s when I found the NuFace Mini at CurrentBody. This is a small device that basically pushes microcurrent into your face and claims to tighten up your skin.

So I took the plunge and I bought the device.  It costs £137 and you receive a NuFace Mini device, a charger and some gell. There is a 60 day money back period but you do apparently only noticed results after 60 days so that seems a bit strange.

I read A LOT of reviews before buying it and I started the procedure which takes about 10 to 15 minutes every day. You take off any make-up, you apply the gel that you get with it and then you work the NuFace Mini across the areas so your cheeks, your forehead and your neck avoiding the thyroid area.

The gel that comes with the device is absorbed into the skin afterwards so I did it in the evenings. It doesn’t hurt unless you don’t put enough gel on and then it feels like a little pinprick. I also bought some Kaeso microcurrent gel as the gel that you receive with a NuFace Mini lasts about two weeks and is quite pricey. Some people use aloe vera but I thought I’d get the real thing.

I’m not going to put pictures of myself on the site but I’m telling you within a week I started to notice a difference under my chin around my marionette lines and my skin just look better with a more defined jawline.

I do a lot of video conferencing calls and was starting to dislike having to see my face every day on the screen but after using the NuFace Mini I don’t mind as much anymore.

I’ve only been using it for two weeks and I would recommend it. I’m also thinking even now of getting the NuFace Trinity because that has special attachments that you can treat areas around your eyes and lips. If you have the money, go for the Trinity! If you don’t want to spend £137 I’ve also found that you can usually find a few units on eBay around £70/80. So if you are unsure, and you wanted to try it out it’s got a good resell value on eBay if you didn’t want it.

I think I will leave off getting Caci for a while because this is making a difference for me now, I can do it at home, don’t need to go to a salon and wait.  I only need to buy top-up gel which I can get online for about eight or nine pounds so I think this is actually quite a bargain.

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