Navigating the world of affordable hearing aids

Posted by: on: 19 Apr 2024

Do affordable hearing aids even exist? Even though how much things cost is often subjective, when we look at affordability and hearing aids, they do […]

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Saving Money and Hassle: Prepaying for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) in the UK

Posted by: on: 05 Mar 2024

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) plays a vital role in the lives of many individuals, especially for those navigating menopause. However, the costs associated with accessing […]

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Is 66 Book Club the cheapest way to get new books?

Posted by: on: 26 Feb 2024

Looking for your next literary adventure? Look no further than the 66 Book Club—your gateway to a world of books at unbeatable prices. Nestled in […]

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mothers day gift lavender product

🎁 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 🎁

Posted by: on: 22 Feb 2024

Struggling to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Look no further! Mrs Bargain Hunter is curating a list of delightful and pocket friendly gifts that […]

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12 tips to hunt for freebies safely

Posted by: on: 13 Feb 2024

Who doesn’t love getting stuff for free? From free samples to trial subscriptions, the allure of not having to open your wallet is strong. But […]

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How to spot a fake money-making app

Posted by: on: 12 Feb 2024

In the quest for making money, it’s crucial to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not. From survey (YouGov) and receipt logging apps (Shoppix) to […]

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First-class train seats for less: how Seatfrog is making luxury train travel affordable

Posted by: on: 12 Feb 2024

As I get a bit older, I like to relax and spread out a little bit more and was excited to hear about Seatfrog which […]

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How I have made over £15,000 from renting out my parking space

Posted by: on: 01 Feb 2024

In July 2014, I wrote about how I earn money from JustPark, to rent out a space that lies empty on my drive. Back then I […]

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Our Future Health annual check for major illnesses and multiple cancers for free

Posted by: on: 29 Jan 2024

I have joined the NHS’s “Our Future Health” initiative which is looking to prevent illness, offering early support, and empowering individuals to actively participate in […]

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Which energy-efficient home improvements are the most cost-effective?

Posted by: on: 26 Jan 2024

As energy costs having been rising, reaching an astounding 59% above their winter 2021/22 levels, and online searches regarding energy bills see an 80% uptick, […]

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