National Walking Month: WalkActive shares the #MagicOfWalking with free coaching programme

Throughout May, physical activity and fitness education system WalkActive will be offering free access to its app to encourage participation in National Walking Month. With informative guides, educational videos and an audio coaching library, the programme will show users how to elevate their walking technique, posture, pace and tone.

WalkActive’s founder, walking, fitness and wellbeing expert Joanna Hall, hopes that free access to the scientifically verified system will provide a supportive confidence boost to those taking part in National Walking Month. This year, the campaign invites people to discover the #MagicOfWalking by committing 20 minutes to the activity each day. 

Joanna explained: “I love the theme this year because there is definitely something magical about walking. It’s such an accessible activity, especially for those new to exercise or limited by health conditions or injury, and it delivers incredible physical and mental health benefits. The only catch is that we often overlook how we walk.

“That’s where WalkActive takes the lead, ensuring that every step people take counts – refining their technique, boosting their posture, and enhancing their fitness in a sustainable, effective, and enjoyable manner. We know there will be plenty of people getting involved in National Walking Month, and we hope that getting free access to our app during this time will help them look, feel and perform better – all through the simple act of walking!”

The free programme will include an introduction to the WalkActive system and access to the first three days of the ‘Get Started with WalkActive’ series, as well as ‘Walk to the Beat’ audio coaching sessions. No card information will be required to download the app. To find out more, visit

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