VoIP phones cut business bills

My Siemens VoIP phone

I need to make business phone calls on a daily basis.

Originally I used to use a capped rate of around £7 per month from my home phone provider. Unfortunately, this wasn’t that professional, so I switched to an 0844 number, but my business contacts resented paying the high per minute rates, and I don’t blame them.

I wanted a switchboard, ability to transfer calls to other offices, voicemail and all the standard business call features, so I turned to VoIP (voice over IP) from Birchills Telecom.

Basically a hardware switchboard costs too much for my small business, so internet telephony seemed like the right route to take.

Although, you can make calls through your computer, I prefer having a handset. I ordered a new business phone number and got access to cheap calls, the ability to conference call, record calls and make international calls on on per second billing basis.

By buying my own handset, I saved money and only bought the calling plan with a minutes package which suits me.

Birchills removed the useful teleconferencing option recently, but I now get teleconferencing and web conferencing from join.me now.



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