Make money from old socks on eBay

So after reading a post on making money from loo roll on eBay, I started to have a hunt around and see what other old rubbish you can sell and make money on eBay.

Would you believe that these old odd socks went for £15.50 and they aren’t even new. Or that these white beauties that don’t even look clean went for £4.99 and the lister confirmed that this isn’t an adult material listing….eee yew!

Or what about these 8 long football socks which sold for £4.20. They are “from my own home – freshly laundered  READY to wear
” according to the listing.

I am actually very excited about this opportunity as I have stacks of kids socks that are odd, though I am not sure that’d I’d want them.

I did some digging and found this interesting post on rules on selling used socks on eBay…OMG, yes, there are rules. eBay doesn’t want to see “inappropriate content in the listing or any indication that the item has been worn as underwear.” I can’t see that anyone whose sold anything has flouted these rules, thank goodness.




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