Four mobile devices connected through one charger

The Olixar 4.8A travel adapter with four USB ports is a life-saver. If you’ve ever been on a train or a trip with the family or on a trip with a group of friends, there’s always a scramble to plug in chargers so that everybody can get their fill of Facebook, Spotify, Clash of Clans or whatever on their portable electronics.

See this image for the charging chaos on a train I travelled on recently. Two of us couldn’t charge at the same time due to the set up of our chargers! IMG_4863

And on another a recent train journey we had four phones to charge and only one socket available to us…what to do? Take turns?

No need with the Olixar travel adapter. It has four usb ports so we could use it to charge all four of our phones from one power socket! With four cables plugged into it, things do get a bit messy, but it’s manageable and we all get a charge.


What’s extra cool about the adapter is that it comes with interchangeable plugs for the UK, EU, US and Australia. Say you were heading to France: you use it in the UK with the UK plug on it and once you’re on the Continent, simply swap the UK plug for the EU one – simples! It’s compatible in over 150 countries. Here are the US and UK adapters in.

olixarusThe USB ports can pump out up to 2.4A each, so that’ s good for pretty much any smartpolixarukhone and even most tablets, iPads etc and the best part is the price, at £19.99 currently from £29.99, so it will save you time, hassle, space in your luggage when travelling and money…what’s not to like?

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