Easy way to collect money owed from friends and family – Payfriendz app

Do you have that one friend who always gets away without paying for things? The one that dodges the taxi fare, leaves before it’s their round and opts for a salad before tucking into half your meal? Well, bill dodgers beware as there is a new app in town – Payfriendz.

Payfriendz mobile app in actionPayfriendz is an app that provides an easy way to pay family and friends, as well as request money owed by them. It’s in-built messenger means that payments can be requested and sent to friends and family all within the same app. So no need to exchange bank details or awkward walks to the cash machine after that lovely meal out, just split the bill there and then.

Who is using it?

The app is also really handy for university students to split household bills (and even bar tabs!). But parents out there fretting about their kids at uni can also transfer money to them easily, making sure they don’t go without.

The app is really handy for businesses too. It’s perfect for anyone from personal trainers to crafty mums who sells things online to receive payments and provide a customer service unlike any other.


I caught up with the Payfriendz team who told me they recently found that over two thirds of the UK have lent money to a mate and were never paid back, and I can vouch for that! On average each Brit is owed up to £330 through these unpaid debts, the equivalent of a one week package holiday to Greece!


Ultimately, Payfriendz can help you stay on top of your finances and save those precious pennies that slip away on a night or day out. It’s a great way to keep an eye on your spending too because you’re given a statement when you sign in to your account, making sure that come the end of the month you’re not out of pocket.  It’s quick and easy to download and is available on iOS and Android. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think.

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