Can your cats earn you money?

Hell yeah! With new FreeCatLottery, they can. I laughed a lot when I heard about this, but as a colleague of mine has four cats and surely wouldn’t mind having an “earning cat”, I thought I’d share it with my kitty loving readers.

What is is a new website where one person’s cat is drawn out of a hat to win a cash prize every day. It’s completely free to enter your cat — just upload a photo of your favourite feline and it will be automatically entered for the draw every day.

If you enter your cat now you’ve got a great chance of winning as not many people know about the site yet.

cat-861634_640 How Much Can I Win?

Prizes currently start at ¬£10 every day and roll over to the next day if the prize isn’t claimed. Matt, who runs the site, hopes to increase the prizes over time as more¬†people enter.

What If I Don’t Win?

Don’t worry – there’s always the next day’s draw to look forward to. (And a photo of a cute cat to enjoy in the meantime!)

How Can My Cat Take Part?

Just go to and upload a photo of your cat to enter. Your cat will be included in the next day’s draw.

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