Are you a bargain hunter? Take my quiz and find out.

Are you a real hard core bargain hunter? Someone who revels in getting the best deal every time?

Well let me help you confirm your suspicions…take my quiz and find out if you could cut it among the top super savvy saving discount spotting bargain hunters.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

A. Check the discount websites for daily deals
B. Rummage through 30+ bargain toiletries all bought for under £1
C. Go to the toilet
D. Roll over and feel blessed that your sheets are made of the finest Egyptian cotton

Where do you grocery shop?

A. Mostly online, with coupon codes and delivery savers
B. Aldi and Lidl
C. Waitrose
D. Local butchers, grocers

When someone complements you on your new dress/shirt, do you?

A. Give details of how you pushed two others shoppers out of the way to get it
B. Reveal that it was £5 on eBay
C. Show the designer label without saying that it’s two seasons old and from an outlet
D. Accept graciously

What do you know about sale seasons?

A. I have diarised dates for all major retailers’ sales
B. I am on first name terms with your store managers and get information in advance
C. Everyday can be a sale – I spend my time wandering around constantly looking for sale stickers
D. I don’t like crowds

What do you think of stockpiling?

A. I have 108 toilet rolls in my spare room
B. I only buy bogof products
C. The kids sleep with tins of beans, soup and sweet corn under their beds
D. I only buy what I need

How do you eat on holiday?

A. I take my own food
B. I always stay with friends and eat their food
C. I use miles and loyalty card points to pay for my all inclusive holiday
D. I am on holiday, I eat lots and so what if it costs lots?

Before going out for a meal, you:

A. Scour the internet for voucher codes
B. Aim to complain for a discount/freebie
C. Call all local chippies for child portion prices
D. Sign up to the chosen restaurant’s newsletter for information

What loyalty cards do you have?

A. Every major stores
B. Boots Advantage Card, Nectar and Tesco Clubcard
C. None
D. What is a loyalty card?

When I shop my aim is to:

A. Get a minimum of 10 – 40% off RRP
B. Stick to my shopping list
C. Buy it, even if I don’t need it as it is such a great deal
D. Buy things

What is Groupon?

A. A great site that gives you discounts off products and services
B. A place I can indulge my fetish for cheap quality toilet rolls
C. A cult
D. No idea

So which one are you?

Mostly As
Now you are a bargain hunter extraordinaire. You know where and when to get the most money off and are not seduced by a deal for the sake of it. You save hundreds, nay thousands every year with your skill so are to be admired. However, once in a while, treat yourself and buy something you want right there and then – you deserve it.

Mostly Bs
You have some serious bargain hunting skills and your friends and family can learn from you. But you do get a bit carried away at times and may not be all that popular. Hounding shop managers for sale dates, complaining in restaurants or asking friends what’s on the menu when you come to stay, won’t have people smiling when they see you.

Mostly Cs
Erratic. That’s what you are. One minute, you have stocked up on a years worth of baked beans, but the next you are buying £2 broccoli from Waitrose. Do a taste test! The 49p broccoli from Aldi tastes the same. Staying on the bargain hunting straight and narrow is a challenge for you. Maybe a high-pressured job or lots of kids prevent you from saving more money. You have it in you, but must try harder!

Mostly Ds
Either you are minted or need to get with the programme. You love luxury and the finer things in life. If you even did a little bit of bargain hunting, you could have even more nice things. Go on spoil yourself, get a loyalty card and visit an outlet village.

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