Aldi to launch online grocery store

I can’t wait. Earlier this year, an Aldi spokesperson gave an interview to a German food mag and revealed that it is planning to launch an online store in the UK, and the news has popped up again today as Aldi released some financial results.With the size of the online grocery sector and the other major retailers already with an online presence, it makes so much sense.They already sell alcoholic drinks online in Australia since 2013, but a UK e-commerce grocery store launch would be the first real online attempt in Europe. There doesn’t seem to be a launch date, but 2016 is being bandied about, and I hope they get their skates on!

UK is the ideal test market

We love our online grocery shopping, so although Aldi has stores in other countries, apparently we’re an ideal test market. 90% of Brits have access to the internet and I can guess that many will have tried out grocery shopping.

Aldi taking market share in the UK

In the UK Aldi is, as well as its German rival Lidl, growing quickly. I personally love their Special buys and shop there regularly. The big guys better watch out as I’ll definitely be trying out Aldi online and adding to my online grocery shopping comparison reviews, when the site goes live.

Aldi reported record UK and Ireland sales of £6.89 billion in 2014, a jump of 31 per cent on last year.

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