Unlimited chat abroad without WiFi with ChatSim

How many times have you been on holiday and wanted to message or send pictures to your loved ones while out, but had to wait until you find WiFi to do so? Or worse – how often have you come home to an outrageous bill from your network provider for the roaming charges your kids racked up on holiday? Well, those days are over thanks to ChatSim, the world’s first ‘instant messaging mobile operator’. People can send unlimited messages and emojis for free on their chat apps as soon as they land, so you can be sure the children won’t moan that there’s no WiFi to message their mates – they can just get cracking!

It’s £8 for the SIM, and another £8 for the unlimited messages and emojis for a year, which is a lot easier to stomach than the mammoth roaming charges that the main operators can land you with. With ChatSim, keeping in touch when abroad is easy for the whole family; you’ll never run out of credit, or worry about being stung with data roaming fees again. It works in a huge array of popular countries, and by simply swapping in a SIM which instantly connects to a local operator, you can message friends and family using any of the compatible chat apps on your phone – such as WhatsApp, Messenger and WeChat.

While you might still be scratching your head about why the kids love Snapchat so much, you don’t have to worry about the cost of them sending pictures anymore. From £8, you can add ‘credits’ to your plan, which lets you exchange more ‘data heavy’ photos and videos, make calls within the app and share maps and contacts. And if you eventually run out of credits, you can always fall back on the ChatSim Unlimited Plan, so you can always send messages home – wherever you are. Simple!

You can find out all about them and their chat plans at http://www.chatsim.com/en.

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