Online grocery shopping experience – Morrisons

I’ve been a bit unwell since December and have had to resort to online shopping. I have used Tesco for a while and thought that as Morrisons came out top in my latest online grocery shopping comparison (on paper), I had better try it out in person. Here are the good and bad points:

Good things about shopping at Morrisons online

1. I seemed to get more value for money

My shop was 75 items and cost just over £100, whereas 74 items from Tesco were £173 just before Xmas with lots of vouchers. I know that I haven’t done a like for like comparison, but I pretty much buy the same things every week, so the shop was cheaper.

2. There were lots of discounted products clearly visible

IMG_2329Right up front on the site, there was an opportunity to see all discounted products…basically I did my main shop from this section really. It was like walking into a supermarket and starting off in the bargain aisle. This probably explains my discounted trolley.

3. I could see my basket clearly

I liked the fact that when I reviewed my basket mid-shop, there were pictures of all my items…so much better than looking at a written list.

4. Could change order till really late

My order was on schedule for 8 pm and I could change it till 01.10 am on the same day.

Bad things about shopping at Morrisons online

1. One voucher only

I had a voucher for free delivery and money off, but could only put one in.

2. Match & More not linked

I tried to put in my number, but I was asked to register. I had picked up a temporary card in store and thought that I would be registered by now as that was early November. When I queried this with customer service online, they told me to re-register, I told them I already had, and after that I have had no further response from them.

3. Delivery driver arrived early

Would you believe it…20 minutes early. What would have happened if I wasn’t in?

4. Delivery driver not up to Tesco standard

He got mud on my mat…most drivers wait to be invited in and I’ll tell them where to go with their boots! He also didn’t offer to help me carry the shopping in. Luckily Master BH was there and so I got him to help me.

5. I doubled up on a few things on my order

I had obviously pressed a couple of buttons once too often, but haven’t ever done that with Tesco, so ordering on my phone led me to make a few errors.

6. Couldn’t see an option to have no bags

Shopping came in big plastic bags and I really couldn’t see an option to have it delivered with no bags.

In summary, a few teething problems, but for the savings, I would try Morrisons again.

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  • Valerie McDonald

    August 31, 2015 at 4:24 pm
    Thank you so much for your comparisons. Until recently as an immobile pensioner living alone I was using Tesco Anytime service which for £6 per month and £25 spend was reasonable, but now gone up to £40 and if below £40 seems to add on £4 and no indication if delivery charge added on as well. Feel very confused
    • Mrs Bargain Hunter

      September 8, 2015 at 10:36 am
      Hi Val, sorry to read that you’re unhappy the minimum basket charge has increased to £40. I got in touch with Tesco and they said: "We’ve taken this decision after much consideration as it falls in line with the shopping habits of the majority of our online customers. We want to be able to continue offering customers good deals for online shopping, including £1 one hour delivery slots. Of course, we understand that this may impact how you shop with us from now on, but I want to assure you that I have passed on your comments to the relevant department for future consideration." Maybe use the £1 delivery slots and combine a couple of your normal shops...that may mean less fresh food though!

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