Primark is not officially selling at Amazon, someone is reselling their products at higher prices there

Posted by: on: 15 Oct 2019

So some smartie pants has bought up a load of Primark stock and is now listing it on Amazon, so you can now shop online […]

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Update: Best supermarket for online grocery shopping – a comparison

Posted by: on: 11 Oct 2019

Time to see how the online supermarket shopping world has changed. I looked at Waitrose, Ocado, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Asda. I know that Iceland delivers, […]

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Top tips on keeping your money safe while at university

Posted by: on: 11 Oct 2019

Thousands of students will see their bank balance jump to four figures recently as the first instalment of their student loan lands. For many it’s […]

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The Organised Mum Method (TOMM) – say goodbye to your messy home

Posted by: on: 10 Sep 2019

  I’ve read the book, joined the Facebook group and starting the routine, and have to say that The Organised Mum Method (TOMM) works! Say […]

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A comparison – how much do popular weight loss plans cost?

Posted by: on: 06 Sep 2019

Lots of us want to lose a few pounds. Between my friends and family, I know people who are doing Slimming World, a Facebook food […]

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New railcard to extend child fares to 16 and 17-year-olds

Posted by: on: 27 Aug 2019

A new railcard will be launched this year to let 16 and 17-year-olds buy half-price train tickets, the Government has announced. The new 16 & […]

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The mini mowing solution for small gardens

Posted by: on: 06 Aug 2019

I love my cordless vacuum, so this lawnmower got me interested. Small, compact and easy to store, keep your garden looking swell in the sunshine no […]

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Make money from your receipts with Shoppix and Receipt Hog

Posted by: on: 05 Aug 2019

I recently started to use a couple of receipt apps to make a little extra money. My friend is already using Shoppix, so I have […]

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How to save hundreds of pounds on your contact lenses

Posted by: on: 18 Jul 2019

Did you know that you are not restricted to buying your contact lenses from your optician? Instead, you can buy the same product online for […]

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Have you seen Aldi’s new interiors range?

Posted by: on: 03 Jul 2019

With summer just around the corner and temperatures rising, how about introducing some coastal cool to your interiors with Aldi’s new Natural Coast Bedroom and […]

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