Why I choose AirBNB over hotels every time

I have been lucky to travel a lot over the past few years and I choose Airbnb over hotels for the majority of trips. From Plymouth and Bath in England to Barcelona, Thailand and Mauritius, here are some common reasons why I have chosen Airbnb for business trips by myself or family holidays:

  1. Cost: Airbnb listings can sometimes be more cost-effective than hotels, especially if you are travelling with a group and can split the cost of a rental property. 10 days in Mauritius for £1100 for a family of four, with three bedrooms, lounge, diner, kitchen, bathroom and space….or 8 days in Thailand for a two bed, two bath, sea view penthouse for £1200. We really saved money and this allowed us to have holidays in places that would be out of our reach if staying in hotels.
  2. Space and amenities: Airbnb properties often offer more space than a standard hotel room – it’s nice to stay with older kids who are not separate in their own room. In hotels we’ve had to take double rooms, so one adult and one child in each room! AirBNB is much more appealing for families or groups of friends. Additionally, many Airbnb listings come equipped with kitchens and other amenities, providing a more home-like experience.
  3. Local experience: Staying in an Airbnb property can provide a more authentic and local experience. You may be staying in a residential neighbourhood, interacting with locals, and discovering hidden gems that might not be as easily accessible in tourist-centric hotel areas.
  4. Flexibility: Airbnb allows for more flexibility in terms of check-in and check-out times. Some hosts are willing to accommodate flexible schedules, which can be convenient, especially if you have a late flight or early arrival.
  5. Unique accommodation: Airbnb offers a wide variety of unique and interesting accommodations, from treehouses and houseboats to historic homes. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, Airbnb might have options that hotels don’t provide.
  6. Personalisation: Airbnb hosts often communicate directly with guests, providing personalised recommendations for local attractions, restaurants, and activities. This can enhance the overall experience and make you feel more connected to the destination.
  7. Privacy: Some people prefer the privacy of a standalone Airbnb property over a hotel where there may be more shared spaces. This can be especially important for those looking for a quiet and intimate retreat.
  8. Long-term stays: Airbnb is well-suited for extended stays, as many properties offer discounted rates for weekly or monthly bookings. This can be advantageous for business travellers or those planning longer vacations, or even people looking to move into an area but need somewhere to stay while looking for a permanent home. Also people who are digital nomads can benefit from AirBNB.

Of course, while Airbnb offers many advantages, it’s essential to consider factors like safety, reliability, and the specific needs of your trip when making a decision. Additionally, individual preferences may vary, and some travellers may still prefer the amenities and services provided by traditional hotels.



Photo from this AirBNB listing where we stayed.

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