Is this the lowest cost Virtual Assistant service available?

I have household and work do lists that are longer than all the arms put together in my house, so I need some help.

We both work full time, and I can’t afford a housekeeper or PA, but I got this email at work from a firm called Jobbajob…”your 24/7 virtual assistant”.

I get a lot of these emails, but I liked the pricing and the fact that if you take a plan out a monthly plan, they will do unlimited 15 minute jobs for you, and some longer “Toughie” jobs!

They will do tasks like research holidays, make simple calls for you, research, order food for you, nag you ;-), and remind you about things.

They divide tasks into Quickies (up to 15 mins) and Toughies (up to an hour). Their cheapest plan is £6 for a one hour Toughie, but I decided to go with the £39 plan for a month with five Toughies and unlimited Quickies included! I paid by PayPal and there is no obligation to sign up again, after the month is done.

I have used the service for research, filling in forms, sorting out some spreadsheets I needed to do and typing up audio. I am planning to get them to research local flooring companies and find me the cheapest Birkenstocks of a certain type…of course I can do these myself, but you know how it is…you start browsing for floors and end up somewhere else. I am also going to get them to fill in my calendar online or send me email invites for all my kids school events!

I have looked around for virtual assistant services before and they come in around £12 per hour minimum, so not for me, but these guys are a fraction of that. For just under £40, I am getting my household admin chores done…and I will probably go down to the £19.99 plan once the bulk of my longstanding (can’t be bothered to do them) chores are done.

Also, sometimes at work I have to do the most mundane tasks and if they take less than 15 mins, I can ask Jobbajob to do them. Naturally, they are not confidential, and minor things like when does this restaurant open or best tube for a certain location.

Is there a down side? Well you have to be crystal clear what you want as you may not get the same assistant every time.

There is an app where you can see how many Toughies you’ve used and manage your account, but I just send tasks via email.

I have high hopes for this service…hope I am right. Find out more at

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