How to save hundreds of pounds on your contact lenses

Did you know that you are not restricted to buying your contact lenses from your optician? Instead, you can buy the same product online for a fraction of the cost and it’s no less safe than buying it from your optician.


How do I get these deals?

Consumers have the legal right to obtain their prescription from their optician, even if you don’t buy lenses from them. Using the contact lens prescription, you can buy the same lenses online.


Finding the right lens

Reputable online contact lens suppliers like Feel God Contacts will have a chart explaining the real names for your own white-labelled brand lenses. This means you can buy the same product but with the manufacturer’s name and packaging and at a cut-price. For example, if you buy lenses from Boots and Specsavers then repackaged versions of these are sold by the manufacturer under a different name. Online retailers are allowed to dispense the manufacturer’s alternative, even if the high street brand is on your prescription.


Complex prescriptions

Having a complicated prescription can be expensive so it’s worth buying these lenses online to benefit from the cheaper prices on offer. Some of the bigger suppliers have lenses ranging in prescription powers of -20.00 to +20.00.


Other ways to save

Whilst daily lenses tend to be a more hygienic way of wearing contact lenses, they are more expensive than monthlies. If it’s possible, buy a year’s supply in one go, this will save you hundreds of pounds. You may even get free delivery on large orders. Also, look out for first order offers, loyalty points, voucher codes, recommend a friend and special discounts (e.g. for students). Finally, to maintain good eye health, it’s vital that you still have your regular check-ups and aftercare with your optician who will ensure that your lenses are right for you.


Who is Feel Good Contacts

Established in 2008 by qualified optometrists, UK based, Feel Good Contacts (‪ is one of the UK’s leading online suppliers of discounted contact lenses and eye care products. It is also the only UK company to offer this discounted service via a mobile app. The table below shows the price per contact lens box charged by Feel Good Contacts compared to high street opticians. The company has been striving to improve its green credentials both at its London based offices and warehouse and is now one of the first online contact lens retailers to actively participate in reducing plastic waste with the recycling of contact lenses. It seems every month they have a competition on their site too!


Contact Lens Brand Price Per Box Savings Yearly vs


Savings Yearly vs Vision Express
Acuvue Oasys £17.49 £76.08 £112.08
Acuvue Oasys for Ast. £24.89 £90.00 £126.00
Air Optix Colors £15.50 £54.00 £54.00
Air Optix for Ast. £16.50 £48.00 £192.00
Biofinity £10.99 £92.08 £236.08
Biofinity Multifocal £26.89 £120.40 £132.40
Biofinity Toric £15.90 £112.80 £160.80
Dailies AquaComfort PLus £13.49 £24.24 £108.24
Proclear Multifocal £19.80 £17.60 £153.60
Proclear Toric XR £26.49 £52.08 £64.08


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