Freebies for your pets

Did you know that it costs over £1,000 a year to look after a dog and similar to look after a cat? Well here is a new service that could make that a little cheaper.

PetPoints is a new free to use website which helps you with cat, dog (or fish!)  freebies. Popular categories include free cat food, free dog food, free pet app and other free pet stuff.

Most of the offers you see will be freebies whilst others will be heavily discounted or exclusives. What’s the catch? “Well some of our offer partners pay PetPoints to get people to sign-up to their offers which could be free samples or free trials of their services or products”, but you can get free stuff in return for a Facebook like too.

Here’s some of the stuff on offer at the mo:


I asked a couple of pet loving friends their opinion:

She owns four cats, but on a tight budget: “Yes, definitely as free anything is good and this one has specific sections for cats, dogs and fish – rather than just a general top 20 list of free stuff. I always welcome free cat food as having four of them means I spend a fair bit on a variety of cat food every month. It’s also nice to try new brands of cat food for free to see if your cat likes them before you spend a lot on a supply of that particular brand.”

She owns two cats and two dogs and has a generous budget: “No, I wouldn’t use this site. My pets are used to certain foods and changing their diet could upset their tummies.”

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