Free NEW app tracks products you want and alerts you when they’re reduced

The new PWUL (Pay What You Like) app transforms shopping by monitoring any product you ask it to – alerting you as soon as it is reduced.  So you never pay full price or fall prey to sales hysteria again. Now, you PWUL – or pay what you like.

It all adds up to smarter shopping

PWUL works like a budgeting tool with the fun of window-shopping thrown in. Just sign up with email, make a wish list and wait for the savings to roll in. It puts rational decisions at your fingertips, helping you stay in budget while getting what you want. The app works on any browser, any device and is completely free:

How did it come about?

Newlyweds Callum & Charlotte were peacefully enjoying the summer months in marital bliss – that is until the 2014 summer sales started. Charlotte geared up and Callum started to sweat… Charlotte loves to shop. Callum loves to budget. Callum watched as Charlotte once again got consumed in sale frenzies only to return home with many irrational purchases that she didn’t actually want or need. He listened as she complained when she spotted things she had purchased that had later dropped in price. Being the dutiful husband that he is (and out of concern for their credit card), Callum got his thinking cap on and created a free app that would allow anyone to track any product on any website.  Charlotte was extremely enthused by the idea and together they started to create what would become PWUL.

My opinion – an app that tells me when the exact product I want is reduced. Perfect, no need to hunt around or follow lots of discount/bargain feeds!

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