5 tips for saving while being green

As the schools have gone back and the memory of those activity-filled summer days force tighter purse strings, cost saving tips are like gold dust for many families, and two a penny.

So here’s a slightly different angle, let’s polish our eco-friendly halos and save money at the same time. Here are five green tips to help save money on household bills whilst achieving a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.


Tumble dryers and hair dryers aid us in our day-to-day rituals, but to be more energy efficient and save those pennies, why not peg your clothes outside on the line (while there is still chance of sun) and let your hair dry free of direct and artificial heat (I do that virtually every day…just use a bit more conditioner for the smooth look). Reducing the amount of times you use them will benefit you and your home during the summer.

If you find that you waste money on using the tumble dryer, find a warm spot in the home (ours is at the top of the stairs) and use a clothes horse instead. Check out these cool drying racks for inspiration


The setting sun shouldn’t signal an end to time outdoors so get the marshmallows toasting and gather round your fire pit or chiminea. Let your fire burn for longer with a Firemizer – the only energy saving device of its kind – it’s a fuel saving device that can help you create the perfect fire and has been scientifically proven to reduce the burn rate of your fuel. It is made up of a special blend of stainless steel alloys that are patented and welded together to create a flexible grid which is placed on the base of your stove or hearth. It reduces fuel usage by up to 38% and emissions by up to 72% helping you save money on your overall heating bills whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

With the ability to be used on a wood burning stove, fire pit, chiminea and even a BBQ – one Firemizer grid is just £19.99 and will typically last up to 500 burning hours. This is equivalent to six weeks if used for 12 hours per day making for a significant cost saving. For example, if a household spends an average of £5 per week on wood or coal, a Firemizer could save up to £100 per year. Firemizer can be purchased online for £19.99 at https://www.firemizer.com/shop


In the cooler evenings, open your windows as soon as it starts to get cooler outside instead of using other devices such as an electric fans or air conditioning. This will not only reduce your energy bills, but will naturally ventilate your home with an evening breeze.

To capture the cool air for the day ahead, shut the windows and blinds in the morning to feel the full benefit of the welcoming chill. And fitted blinds don’t always have to cost a bomb, Wilko has some great options from just £15.00: http://www.wilko.com/


Avoid artificial lighting, such as lamps and light fixtures, and instead aim for a more au natural option. Invite the sunlight into your home through windows and skylights, which will not only naturally brighten up your room, but will reduce your energy bill and keep you cooler.

Did you know, light bulbs have a heat output as well as a light output, which means if you keep lights on during the summer, it will only get warmer? Energy saving lightbulbs are the way forward!


A well placed mirror can help disguise those dark corners, decorate, and brighten up entire rooms with natural sunlight. By reflecting light, mirrors can replace lamps and light fixtures, and comes with no cost or energy wastage.

Place a big mirror directly opposite a window, and see a room transform into a bright and open space. Go one better and buy a recycled mirror, like this one from Not on the High Street (or if you’re feeling crafty buy a cheaper, plain one and knock something up yourself for a fraction of the cost.


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