10 Chrome browser extensions to save you money

With online sales soaring, wouldn’t it be nice to know that your browser can help you save money.  There are tonnes of Chrome and Firefox extensions that can save you hundreds of poungs while you shop online and here are some of the most interesting.

Helps compare products, finds you a better price.


  • Wallaby

Tells you which card to use on deals to save money.


Automatically finds and applies discount codes to your shopping basket, saving you time and money.


It is the Amazon price tracking extension, you can also see the history of product’s price.


Compares prices BUT in the US, UK and Germany it compares not only on products, but flights, hotels and rental cars.


Another comparison extension that stays hidden until it finds you a deal, then it pops up.


It makes price tables and graphs directly and discreetly on the Amazon seller’s page. Moreover, set up your price alert with few clicks.


The extension is comparing products from Amazon as you shop on retailer websites.


Helps you save money while also helping with planning and research on trips.



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