Free rubber band balls – great idea for school charity week or fetes

Now I am always looking for fun and cheap to make ideas to sell at the school’s charity week. I usually make cakes or biscuits, but the ingredients aren’t always cheap…butter, sugar for example.

This year I will be supplying rubber band balls, all for free.

We’re looking at selling the largest balls for up to £1 and the small balls for 20p – 30p…. the kids will pay that, as they get a cool bouncy ball and the money goes to charity…we’re all winners!

So what do I need…patience and loads of rubber bands. I don’t want to pay for the bands, so where to find them?

Well if you go to a post office sorting office you will find loads just lying on the ground. Red or brown. I have been going when I visit town and also asked my postie to save me any he doesn’t need. Easily within a week, I have close to 1,000 rubber bands.

You start by folding over one band and then wrapping single bands over over each other until you get the size if ball you want.

The images below show how I made the balls, and the final balls show the size resulting from 10, 30 and 70 rubber bands.







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