Where to buy original article on a budget

I love original art, but the pieces I have didn’t come cheap. For example, I won a laptop and sold it to fund my two favourite pictures and have my own photography framed, and a lot of bare walls.

Bare walls cost a lot to fill, you see. While Ikea does some reasonable pictures, they aren’t originals. It’s nice to tell a story behind a picture and there’s always a story behind a piece of original art.

Somewhere where you can buy original art where every painting is less than £100 is the Original Art Under £100 website. That doesn’t mean that everything is £99. They have price brackets and IMHO, the images became more buyable if they are over £26.

A husband and wife team launched the business which makes money by charging artists £25 a year to show their work and takes nothing from buyers. It’s simple concept and offers advantages for both buyer and seller.

I took a look around and the only drawback was not being able to search the art so I really don’t want to look through hundreds of pictures.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the site.

Step this Way, Paul Taylor, £40


Almost Home, Martin Whittam, £99


Sand Dune Cottage, Paul Kiernen, £55




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