Dare to repair an appliance rather than replace?

When a household appliance breaks down, your first instinct might be to call a repairman – or even just to take it as a sign that it’s time to upgrade to a shiny new device. I can’t believe the money I have wasted on repairmen, when all I had to do was open the overflow on the washing machine, or just undo the shower and wipe it down inside.

Anyway, are you ready to try and repair the product yourself? I’ve found Ransom Spares, where you can pick up spare parts from as little as just a few pounds. And, if the prospect of repairing a wayward washing machine or fixing a fridge freezer seems intimidating, the Appliance Repair Help & Advice Centre is packed with useful information, from lists of common problems to ‘how to’ videos.

So now you know that an appliance repair doesn’t have to cost you the earth. But what about the time waiting for a spare part to arrive – won’t that take a toll on your finances? After all, if the fridge freezer breaks down, the food will go to waste. Tip here – check your home insurance and keep shopping receipts to help you claim. If the washing machine blows, a trip to the laundrette might be in order. And a faulty oven could necessitate a costly meal out. Right?

That’s where Ransom Spare’s Survival Guide comes in. It’s packed full of handy tips that will help you survive without a washing machine, oven or fridge freezer – and won’t break the bank.

For example, when it comes to coping without an oven, we recommend using a microwave or slow cooker instead – both of which use considerably less energy than a conventional hob, meaning you’ll see a difference in your energy bill. And with their Survival Guide tips, you can still get your bacon nice and crispy in a microwave!

When it comes to fridge freezer survival, they suggest making your own fridge from sand and water to save your food from spoiling – who knew? And, when it comes to a broken down washing machine, we’re full of handy tips to help you get by without visiting a laundrette – from handwashing to making a DIY washing machine with a bucket and plunger.

I hope you find these tips helpful as well as thrifty. Here are some of the survival guides I have mentioned above:

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