Are you getting a fair deal on your energy bills?

You’ve probably heard about smart meters being introduced to all households by 2020…well that’s the target anyway.

I heard about Loop Energy Saver monitors today and they claim to offer a credible alternative to the smart meter programme, enabling consumers to monitor both gas and electricity usage in real-time and therefore keep track of energy spend immediately. Currently less than 5% of British households have a smart meter and most households won’t have them until 2020.

The company behind the Loop Energy Saver monitors claim that they differ from other energy monitoring products by:

  • Simultaneously monitoring both gas and electricity usage in real-time
  • Offering impartial information about energy tariffs via weekly emails alerting consumers to the best deals on the market
  • Making it easy to switch either directly to another energy provider or via comparison sites
  • Offering a budget function so you can set yourself a budget for the amount of energy you’d like to spend and be alerted when you are getting close to the limit – giving you control
  • The monitors are easy to install and feed directly to the cloud which means that data is accessible ‘on-the-go’.

To see how much you could save, join the 5,000 households already cutting their bills by an average of £200 – £300 a year, and sign up to a free 45 day trial at

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