Doff weedkiller vs Roundup – does cheap weedkiller do the job?

In my head to head comparison of weedkillers Doff vs Roundup, I would say the cheaper weedkiller Doff came out on top, as it does the same job for less than half the price and actually seems to do it better over a three – six week period.

I basically have weeds coming through the membrane we laid down in our garden. I bought some Doff from Aldi (£1.99) and Mr Bargain didn’t realise so bought some Roundup (£4.99) and started using it, so we couldn’t take it back. That’s when I thought of my experiment. I divided up the area and sprayed the right half with Roundup and the left half with Doff.

I must admit that in my comparison, Roundup was easier to spray as it had more than one setting, so a wide spray or a jet, whereas Doff had spray setting only.

Also once I sprayed Roundup on my weeds, it left a foamy residue for about 20 seconds, which really helped me to understand where I had sprayed.

Initially, the weeds on Roundup side started to die faster, but after a week, the Doff kicked in and after three weeks, the Doff had caught up and actually Doff seemed to kill more weeds in the long run.

photo 1 photo 2


Weeds growing through the membrane. The line in the middle is a rough idea of where I sprayed Roundup on the right and Doff on the left.



Weeds dying off. The line in the middle is a rough idea of where I sprayed Roundup on the right and Doff on the left. I’ll probably need to pull out the weeds and maybe reapply, but it’s a great start.


photo 1


Six weeks after the first application, here is the result. You can see that new weeds are growing, but the original growth is all dead.


Product details

Doff £1.99 a litre

Systemic weed killer that kills right down to the roots
Helps get rid of grasses, nettles and dandelions

Roundup Fast Action Weedkiller £4.99 a litre

1L is a systemic weedkiller which kills weeds to the root so that they dont come back.
Features: Systemic action kills weeds and roots.Contains a unique fast acting agent results visible in 1- 2 days.Fully degrades in soil to allow replanting.
Usage: Effective systemic weedkiller for use all around the garden (except on lawns).

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