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The jigsaw revival continues

Jigsaws are on the up. With over £100 million of sales in the UK last year it is clearly a big market and in our household we are now hooked.

Jigsaws are great for the mind, real brain food which helps people unwind. Whilst sometimes it is stressful looking for that missing piece or finding the one that fits it is rewarding when finished. Creating a real masterpiece is enjoyable and helps people escape from
the stressful world around us.

I have been getting jigsaws from neighbours, we started a ‘jigsaw swap’, and once the shops were open I headed to charity stores, where I picked up jigsaws from anything up to £4.50 including some great brand names.

However, if you prefer new or are gifting to someone, Kikkerland has created a range of unique jigsaws which are great for the whole family and I have listed some here:

The Kikkerland Farm Puzzle costs £15 from Kikkerlandeu.com. Full of animals and a cute beagle this eye-catching design is ideal for those with a rural love affair. With 1000 pieces it will provide hours of fun.

The Kikkerland Zany Zoo Puzzle costs £15 from Kikkerlandeu.com 796 young artists submitted work to celebrate Earth Day and the 10 best ones were made into this stunning 1000 piece jigsaw.

The Kikkerland Honoured Elders Puzzle costs £15 from Kikkerlandeu.com .Was made from a group of children artists who all painted pictures of elders who have helped them in their lives. From foster parents, teachers, grandparents and more.

The Kikkerland Flower Power Puzzle costs £15 from Kikkerlandeu.com a beautiful 1000 piece jigsaw which is full of vibrant colour, ideal from garden lovers.

The Kikkerland Labyrinth Puzzle costs £15 from Kikkerlandeu.com Created to test and challenge the greatest minds. This 1000 piece is a real puzzle to solve.

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