Embracing backstreet hairdressers: forget stereotypes for budget-friendly styles

Upscale salons and high-profile stylists dominate the hairdressing scene, so the idea of visiting a backstreet hairdresser might raise eyebrows for some. However, I decided over two years ago to challenge the snobbish stereotype associated with these less prominent establishments and explore whether I might be missing out on hidden gems, all while considering the budget-friendly aspect.

Backstreet hairdressers often operate away from the glitz and glamour of busy main streets or commercial districts. While some may associate such locations with subpar services, it’s essential to recognise that many skilled and passionate hairstylists choose to work in these less conventional settings.

My initial reservations were rooted in snobbish attitudes towards backstreet hairdressers, often stemming from misconceptions about the quality of service, cleanliness, or professionalism. However, as I ventured beyond preconceived notions, I began to acknowledge that licensed and talented professionals can be found in various environments. The key was to look beyond stereotypes and judge based on individual merit.

I found a lovely hairdresser called Danielle, she’s worked in high-end salons but with three kids found it a push and wanted to be near to home. She teamed up with another hairdresser and they shared a chair and sink in a beauty salon. I found her through word of mouth as she doesn’t advertise.

One of the most appealing aspects of backstreet hairdressers, I discovered, is their affordability. Without the overhead costs associated with high-end salons, these establishments can offer quality services at significantly more budget-friendly prices. This accessibility is particularly appealing for individuals like me who want a great hairstyle without breaking the bank. I had a cut and colour gifted to me for a birthday at a very nice establishment……£200 worth of cut and colour. With my back street hairdresser, I pay £90 tops, and normally less.

Backstreet hairdressers often thrive on building personal connections with their clients. In contrast to the sometimes impersonal atmosphere of larger salons, these stylists may offer a more intimate and attentive experience. I found that clients can feel more like friends than customers, fostering a comfortable and relaxed environment.

As I considered the price differences, it became clear that backstreet hairdressers provided excellent value for money. The cost of services was noticeably lower than what I had encountered at higher-end salons, without compromising on the quality of the results. I get so many compliments about my hair.

While challenging stereotypes, I also recognized the importance of exercising caution and conducting thorough research before choosing a backstreet hairdresser. Checking online reviews (if they have a website – many don’t), asking for recommendations, and ensuring the stylist holds the necessary licenses became essential steps in finding a skilled professional who met my standards.

The beauty industry is diverse, with talented individuals practising their craft in various settings. By embracing the diversity of hairstyling environments, I opened myself up to unique experiences and discovered a backstreet hairdresser who perfectly aligned with my preferences, offering not only exceptional service but also affordability.

Ultimately, my decision to visit a backstreet hairdresser was based on the individual stylist’s skill, professionalism, and my own preferences, all while considering the significant price differences. Breaking free from snobbish stereotypes allowed me to explore the smaller individual beauty practitioners and discover hidden talents in unexpected places. So, the next time when considering a haircut, don’t let a high street name or the location be main determining factors—I gave a backstreet hairdresser a chance, and I was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional service, personalised touch, and the budget-friendly experience she provided.

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